John's Pinball Tournament updates page
(James Games Arcade)

The final tournament results (total prize payout = $97.00):

1stDavid W.131,233,330$48.50
2ndDavid W.107,133,880$19.40
3rdDavid W.100,233,870$14.55
4thJeremy O.78,402,090$9.70
5thBrian H.76,839,440$4.85

Prize money is now available for the winners to pick up at the arcade. Thanks to all who participated and made this a fun tournament!

Final hours of play . . . prize fund is over $60 as of 3 P.M. . . .

BTW, machine currently has a ball stuck below the cannon (up against the glass) that we can't do anything about. Machine is still fully playable and working; you just won't have a full 4-ball Multiball with certain MB stacks (Jam+Album, Album+Tour or Jam+Album+Tour).

I'll announce a prize money pick-up day/time on this site in the next day or so -- keep checking back . . .

Forgot to mention that since we're paying five (5) places this time, the payout percentages of the prize pool from 1st to 5th will run as follows:
50% / 20% / 15% / 10% / 5%.

(We need more tournament players - C'mon, people!!)

<<< Tournament is now underway !!! >>>

Good luck and have fun!

We are set to go for the tournament next week! Here's how we'll do it (pretty much like before):

Tournament will run Monday, Aug. 5 to Sunday, Aug. 11. Machine will be programmed probably noon/early afternoon on the 5th, and set to end at/just before closing on the 11th. (Play as often as you like during this week.)

This will be a high score tournament. (I'd still like to give Bump N'Win a try, we'll probably do that next time around.)

Cost will be $2 (3 credits) for a single 3-ball game ($1 goes to prize fund). Use Tournament button (below regular Start button) to play. Please be aware that because of electrical current differences with the game's all-LED circuitry, this button will NOT blink or light up like it does on the older games. We are not responsible if you inadvertently begin play with the wrong start button.

No extra balls or free games in tournament play. This is how all Stern pinball software is hard-coded for tournaments; we have no way to modify this.

Machine will be set on Competition Mode. This takes the luck element out of each game to make it fair for all players (in the case of AC/DC, probably deals only with the handling of V.I.P. Pass awards).

Please enter your full name into the machine if you qualify, not the usual 3 initials. This will help us greatly. (You will also be asked for a 4-digit PIN for verification.)

Any issues not covered on this page/website will be handled at the discretion of the tournament director (myself) and/or James Games. This includes - but is not limited to - any machine malfunction that happens to occur during the tournament that affects current machine playability and/or past games played. All decisions will be final.

We are planning a week-long tournament to celebrate last week's arrival of the new Stern AC/DC Premium Edition pinball at James Games.

It is tentatively scheduled for Monday, Aug. 5 thru Sunday, Aug. 11. These dates are subject to change; there's a couple machine-related issues to deal with first (including possibly ordering a new Tournament Start button). Also still deciding which type of tournament to do: Standard high-score - like we've done before - or Bump N'Win. (Click here for a description of Bump N'Win.) I plan to do a closed mock-up ("test") Bump N'Win tournament sometime before then - just 3-4 of my own games - to see first hand exactly how it works, and decide from there which way to go.

More details to follow in the next update - check back here soon.

Initial page launch (more to come soon...)